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Space included.

Duration of 12 hours from arrival to our quinta (we do not consider delays that are not our responsibility)

The spaces are exclusive to our newlyweds.  

2 - WEDDING PLANNING - ORGANIZATION EVENT (pre-wedding organization):

We have a team of people responsible for helping you plan your wedding. 

We provide support in all areas that you need (decoration, graphics, partners).


The protocol service is developed by the event coordinator and the protocol hostess, who together with our staff guarantee personalized support to the couple and guests. They coordinate the timings with the external staff that allows the couple to make the most of the day. 

The internal staff is composed of waiters, bar staff, drinks support staff, kitchen staff, pastry shop, pantry, children's entertainer (during the aperitif), space watchman and WC's periodic cleaning staff.  


We hold a private show every year to make known some decoration trends, some wedding cake formats and other services.  This show, as a rule, takes place in the month of October and is dedicated to next year's bride and groom. The date is always communicated via email and only the couple with a confirmed date and complete signage will be invited to visit.  


The tastings test always take place at the beginning of your wedding year.

We will send information about the dates for the tasting at the beginning of this year, together with the selection of dishes.

For weddings confirmed in the same year, please request information by email. 

A tasting test is included for the bride and groom.

It is allowed to bring companions, and the price for each companion is €35.

The choice of dishes for the companions will have to be made in advance by the bride and groom.

The tasting does not take place like a wedding service, it takes place in a tasting format, in an informal environment, in which the quantities served are designed so that they can enjoy all the dishes. 

It includes 2 fish dishes, 2 meat dishes and the cellar will be served included. (does not include starters, cut flavors, dessert, coffee and festive cake)


Our space is provided by a team of professionals who combine the latest trends with the characteristic style of each couple, making a personalized space.

Standard decoration for outdoor spaces.

Decorating the environments of the bride and groom's table, event room and groom's table.

We do not work with outside decorators.

7 - CATERING SERVICE (own production) 

Our space has a fully equipped kitchen. 

The chef makes the menus with all his dedication, in order to provide an unforgettable dining experience.


APPETIZERS (Outdoor Space)

  • Welcome Drinks,

  • Hot Essences

  • Cold Essences

  • Vegetarian

  • Essences on the Skewer, Grilled

  • Seafood Essences

  • Freshly Assembled Bar


  • Appetizer

  • Fish Dish

  • Flavor Break 

  • Meat Dish 

  • Table Dessert

  • Coffee and Digestives

  • Special Menus (Vegetarian, Vegan, Diet, Children, among other specifics) - are always adapted by the Chef 

  • Dessert Buffets

  • Bride and Groom Cake and Sparkling Wine 

  • Basement and Open Bar

  • Savory Supper



Appetizers - Buffet Service, Flyers and Bar.

Lunch/Dinner - you can choose between the American service (in plated) or English service (direct).

In these services we respect the protocol basic rules serving by order Fathers, Children, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Drinks are served by the staff and are placed on stools and frapés that are close to the tables.

Fruit, dessert & cheese buffet service (after dinner), open bar next to the dance floor.

The bride and groom's cake is plated and supper is flywheel.  

GENERAL CONDITIONS (Reservation conditions and other information)


VAT is added to our values under article 18 CIVA. The price per person is based on the price list in force when you visit the space, which will appear later in your contract. The value of the extras will be the one mentioned in the complement of the information book for the year of your wedding.


You can always pre-book the date.

Pre-booking validity - As soon as there is another couple on the waiting list, we will ask for your decision on the date, via e-mail (approximately 3 days for the reply); if there are no other couples interested, your reservation will be active for 15 days. 

Minimum number of pax - the minimum number to settle is 100 payers. The requirement of a minimum number of pax does not make it impossible to carry out an event with a lower number, however, 100pax must always be assumed.  


1 pax = 1 adult = 2 children (4 to 9 years old)  

The staff must always be considered with pax (mandatory in the function room) - service area is only possible for a work table.



Must be communicated by email. They can ask for the model of the contract to be analyzed before confirming the date.  


You will receive an email requesting the data so that we can prepare the contract. You must send us this information within two days.


Non-face to face contract: We send the contract by email so that you can signal it by bank transfer. They must later send the same signed by email. (IBAN will be sent together as a contract). 

Face-to-face contract: Up to 3 days after confirmation, the contract is signed and the total amount of the signaling is paid.

SIGNAGE (1st payment)

The value of the signal will be deducted from the final value of the event.

The date will be officially taken after full signalling. The internal proof will be issued and sent by email.      



  1. Signaling (20% of the signal).

  2. 40% of the value up to 15 days before the date of the event. 

  3. 40% up to 8 days before the event upon delivery of a check with the date of the event.



The minimum and maximum number of people per table are mentioned in the room plans that are sent by email. If these numbers are not respected, there may be associated costs. The average number of people per table must always be greater than 8.


The details meeting is the most important meeting, as it is at this stage that the organizer will plan the entire event in our space. 

ALL PENDING DECISIONS must be decided 1 month before the wedding.

Definitive number and distribution of guests - must be sent to our general email within 15 days before the wedding. It will be based on this number of people as well as the decisions taken together with our event planner that we will work for your wedding. 

The final bride and groom process is sent by email after receiving the final number of guests within 15 days prior to the wedding.  


The use of animation (live music, DJ, karaoke or ambient music) requires licensing from Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores. This license is always the responsibility of the animation.  We do not have sound equipment, lighting for the ball or stage.  It will be essential to have music from the arrival of guests and in all areas they will pass through. Appetizer, dining room, cake cutting and dance floor.  

WHAT CAN TAKE  (at the end of the event)

Quinta dos Teixeiras are service providers, as such, all our products are for consumption in our establishment. We allow you to take only the wedding cake on the night of the wedding. All other items such as decoration, flowers, materials, food, beverages and others are for exclusive use (use/consumption) in our space. 



The event is yours, dream it, imagine it... and talk to us.

Schedule your visit now and start planning every detail of your dream day.



+351 914 386 539

Rua António José de Oliveira Júnior 918
3700 - 205 São João da Madeira

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